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Benefits of Working with Us

  • NO Short Sale fees, EVER
  • Nationwide lender relationships that allow us to work much quicker and more effectively
  • Licensed, experienced, kind, and ethical staff that work short sales exclusively
  • Successfully closed with every major lender multiple times, and many small lenders
  • We have done hundreds of short sales nationwide, and can work with ANY lender
  • A better option when facing foreclosure or bankruptcy, which can affect your credit for 7-10 years

Short Sale Plan:

  • We manage the banks and buyers, and protect your interests
  • Our National RE Agent Network comprised of local, qualified, experienced short sale professionals
  • We are compensated by the lenders, and do not charge you any short sale fees
  • Focus on Value Preservation in your neighborhood, while making your deficiency as little as possible
  • If listed, possibility of no sign in front of your home, and no open houses