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The Personalized Plan

How we help you:

1. We provide a personalized cease and desist letter addressed to your lender to stop harassing phone calls.

2. We will provide you with the amount of days you have to live in your house payment free. We stay on top of your walk away plan and keep you up to date with weekly progress emails. We also will notify you if the lender is taking longer than expected subsequently giving you more time in your home payment free.

3. You get a personal consultation with a highly experienced real estate attorney in your state, making sure that you know your rights and that you are protected by the law.

4. You will have an experienced YouWalkAway advocate available to answer any questions you may have during the entire process.

5. You will get a personal consultation with a CPA to go over any tax questions related to walking away.

6. You get access to our attorney network to answer questions via email about your foreclosure throughout the entire process.

7. You will be referred to a 3rd party BBB accredited law firm who has legally removed thousands of foreclosures.


The Customized Kit

You will also receive our complete Walk Away Protection Kit, which includes:

1. Copy of the letter we send to stop your lender from harassing you and your family.

2. A detailed and personalized time-line, showing all the steps that will transpire during the process so you don't have to worry about what will happen.   

3. All the state laws pertaining to your foreclosure assuring you that they will be barred by the law from coming after you for any money. (select states only)

4. How to make sure your lender follows the law. They have to follow a strict legal procedure. If they do not follow it perfectly, you may have a case against them.

5. A special tailored Credit Scenario report to help show you how to understand your credit score and offset the damage of a foreclosure.

6. Beneficial information regarding avoiding Bankruptcy.

7. Username and Password for our exclusive website where you will find other great tools to help you move beyond foreclosure and succeed financially.

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