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     Praises From Our Clients:

…You Walk Away does at least walk you through walking away. That’s why Jim Lowry, a San Francisco–based maintenance manager, is pretty happy with the firm… Lowry had talked to some other real estate types, but it wasn’t until a phone conversation with a You Walk Away “advocate” that he felt he had a handle on the situation. “I’m not worried anymore. I know what’s going to happen,” he says. “Peace of mind is the main thing.”…

To All of You:

In case you haven’t heard this today….thank you. I am so impressed with all of you and the kindness and efficiency you show. In this difficult time, your staff has been a rock.
It is not often that agencies exhibit such time and caring towards their clients. How lucky we would all be if more companies followed your example.
I have tremendous gratitude for each of you and the way you continue to help me. I hope each of you rest at night, knowing you are making a difference for regular, hard-working folks caught in the emotional upheaval of starting anew.

Thank you so much Jaye for the update. You Walk Away.com has eased the uncertainty of the foreclosure process for me, which is worth the fee that I have paid in order to retain your services. I am very pleased with your services and it has given me comfort through such an extremely difficult process. I look forward to your continued support as I work through this process with the bank. Thank you again for responding to my request for clarification on this notice received
SB, California

Carl, I just wanted to follow up with you and tell you how much we appreciated your guidance. This house thing is awful, but because of people like you, the road ahead is a little clearer.
Thanks Again,

Bob and Allison,
Palm Coast, FL

Thank you!
Just wanted to say, you guys are the BEST! From day one we have been very pleased with doing business with you. Never a wait time to endure and always up front and ready to answer any questions.
Thank You!


I just want to advise that we completed the short sale on our house. YWA can close it’s account on us. I also want to thank you and YWA for all of your assistance, especially for putting us in contact with the people that got us the short sale. The realtor selected for us, Oz Tiscareno, was fantastic. He really stuck with it; haggling over and over with the banks. He put in a lot of time and effort. Again, thank you so much to YWA and for helping us with this unfortunate circumstance.

On a final note, last night was the first night in awhile that I was able to sleep well because I felt at ease knowing that I have your company to guide me through the foreclosure process so thank you.

Chicago, IL


Thanks so much for the excellent information that you provided me with today. The situation I have been involved in has been an absolute nightmare. Its been a huge burden that I have been dealing with and I felt that I didn’t have any hope. Thank you so much for reasuring me that there is a better solution out there. Your excellent customer service was very refreshing. You are very skilled at your job and I hope your bosses are taking notice. You definetly deserve a raise! I look foreward to going thru this process now. I will refer anyone I know to go with your company. Thanks for everything!


Bill, Merced CA wrote:

Hi Renata, You have been so helpful. Thank you for guiding us through this difficult process. I think as things continue more and more people will come your way. The idea that Banks will work with us is a joke. So glad to have you Renata. Respectfully,

RN,Sacramento Ca wrote:

Hi Justin,

I just wanted to tell you how much you’ve put my mind and emotions at ease. Because of you and YouWalkAway.com, I can sleep at night.

I feel confident in knowing that every time I’ve called the office, you were always there for me. Your knowledge and kind demeanor over the phone means everything to me during this stressful time in my life. It’s nice to know that there’s someone in my corner, advising me, looking out for my interests and who really cares about what I’m going through.

Justin, you are a true professional. Without you, i would have panicked and moved out of the house way before I needed to. Now, I can feel confident and in control of my actions. I now understand the legal process. It all makes sense. When you explain the process step-by-step, the overwhelming fear is replaced with knowledge…. knowledge to make the right decisions for me and my family.

I can’t thank you enough Justin!

One Client wrote:

Thanks a lot Derek,

You were extremely thorough in covering all details-more importantly your courtesy and genuine kindness was huge at such a difficult time as this. Best regards.

Bill & Donna, Sacramento CA wrote:

Dear Renata, Thank you so much for helping Katie today. She feels better already. She is our youngest and a real honest sweet girl. Knowing she is with you makes us feel wonderful.

Your are a special, bright perceptive woman we admire and respectvery much. We are doing well. If Katie needs any help financially we will back her. We offerred to pay the whole fee for her but I guess she wishes to use her own resources so we repect her decision.

By the way I have mentioned you to a few people who would be good clients like a lady named (removed for privacy). I told her to ask for you but do not be disappointed if you refer her to someone else as you were busy and may not be able to take on new clients. Anyway, thanks again Renata, you are truly one of a kind.

Our respect and affection,

Katrina from Georgia wrote:

I received my kit. Thanks so much! And thanks for informing me about my contact. I’m very glad to know there’s someone I can call on for answers to my questions.

Eric from California wrote:

Jon, Just a quick email to let you know that my wife, my father, and I appreciated you making time to discuss the details of our situation as it relates to your services last Thursday. Your demeanor made us feel comfortable and you answered all of our questions professionally. We look forward to working with you and your staff in this lengthy process. Should we have any other questions we’ll contact you in the future. Kind regards.

Ernie from California wrote:

Thanks for the e-mail and faithfully updating me regarding the status of my Walk Away process. God Bless.

Kevin from California wrote:

Thanks for the information and during this stressful time it’s good to know someone is helping us and letting us know the unknown is great……because the unknown is what is feared the most by people, in general…..thanks again…..I think I just had a therapy session.

One Client wrote:

I just want to thank you for your prompt and excellent work on my behalf by sending out a second wave of do not call letters to my lender.

Steve from Florida wrote:

This has been a very trying time for us. Thank you for responding so quickly to our “sign up”. You have an exceptional person there in Chip. I really enjoyed working with him.

One client named Thomas wrote:

After reading the article in today’s Orlando Sentinel, I would like to thank you for the work you are doing to help homeowners in this time of economic crisis. The Orlando area has been hit hard by a drop in home values and reduction in well paying jobs. Our area is in need of your services.

Glen from California wrote:

Thanks for the update. I wanted to let you know that our lender also sent us an official notice that they have received our letter requesting that they no longer call us as well as a notice that our petition to have our loan adjusted has been denied because (and I love this) we don’t make enough money. DUH! (grin) Thanks again, you guys have been great. I really appreciated the phone call the other day as well. It’s nice to know that you’re not just taking our money and leaving us in the dark.

One Client wrote:

Thank you again for your fabulous customer care.

Kelly wrote:

Hey, well I finally received my first statement for my modified mortgage payment 1893.00, THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!
Also I just received your cards I will pass them out to anyone I can that needs your help.

Jessica wrote:

Hi Justin,
I wanted to let you know that I ended up being able to do a short sale on my home. I wanted to wait to make sure that everything went through okay and it has. I just signed my closing papers and it’s all set. Thank you guys for all the info. It really helped with my conscience and made my year easier. The short sale was a last minute thing and worked out perfect.
Thanks again,

Shauna wrote:

Thank you Yolanda
it was a blessing that we were able to do a short sale..I know that their are thousands that
are hurting..I know their pain..it is horrible..by you all being there it is very comforting..
Thanks so much

Charles wrote:

Thank you Beth,
All this news is certain a heavy weight lifted off of my shoulders.  I certainly appreciate all that YouWalkAway has done for me, and for sticking with me throughout this long process.  I don’t know if I could have done it without you.  My lender and cronnies have certainly thrown every nasty gram in the book at me.  But I am glad it is nearing an end now and I am looking forward to moving on with my life.
You and Hector have been of emmense help.
You have my gratitude.
Thank you,

Jason wrote:

Beth, Thank you so much for all the info.  I’m so very glad we have you guys to ask these questions!  Your response answered all the questions I had in mind!  I do appreciate your time.
Thanks again, Jason

Jennifer wrote:

Thank you I truly appreciate it. You have brought me some comfort and clarity already in the last day..- Have a wonderful night!

Candice wrote:

Just wanted to say THANK YOU!! You were always there to answer our questions and helped to relieve some of the stress from our foreclosure.  You guys are awesome and I have told a couple of people about what an awesome job you guys did for us.  THANK YOU AGAIN, keep up the great work and for helping us and others like us you are a GOD SEND!!
 Very Happy Satisfied Customers!!

Brandi wrote:

Thank you so much for the information. Everyone of my questions has been answered fully and quickly! So glad I signed up for your service, it is great having knowledgeable support through such a stressful time. 


AJ wrote:

Thank you Beth! You are an asset to your company! The information is great….

Yukari wrote:

Hi, Beth!  thank you so much for your e-mail.  I was able to talk to the attorney and I was relieved.  Everything youwalkaway told me was right and I was just so happy that I don’t have to worry about the house any more.  I just wanted to thank you and everybody in youwalkaway for everything and the support.  I really appreciate it. 

Sam wrote:

Beth, I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your quick responce to all my questions. It is very much appreciated.

Johnny wrote:

Thank you very much for this very clear explanation.

Dan wrote:

Thx Bethany..will do.
Thanks for all your excellent support through all this.

Vera wrote:

Hi Elsie,
 Thank you for the prompt response and the explanation. This definitely helps me to get an idea of what to look out and be prepared for. I believe all my questions have been answered if i have anyquestions I’ll email again. Thanks again!

Luciana wrote:

You are fantastic providing all needed information, clear and to the point. I will draft the reply and might ask for additional guidance if needed.
Thank you again for your prompt follow up.

Kim wrote:

thanks for all your help – I couldn’t have done this without you and have been recommending your company to so many who are in the same situation…

Gary wrote:

You are right.  If the bank DOES try to collect the deficiency or issue a 1099, I might need a form or advice from YWA.  Nice service you provide.  Keep up the good work!

Connie wrote:

Thanks Beth!  In case I haven’t told you before, I really appreciate your help with this, and the fact that you are always on top of things!  

Justin wrote:

Hi Bethany,
Thanks for reaching out like this.  It’s a pleasure to have you on board.  I’ll be in touch as I receive things from my mortgage co’s.
Warm regards,

Christie wrote:

Hi Beth -
Thank you so much for explaining this.  You have no idea how reassuring it is, to have experts on hand like yourself!  I’ll keep you informed of any changes.
Have a wonderful day!

Carla wrote:

Thank you again to all of you at YWA for your support and assistance during this difficult process. 

Georg wrote:

BTW, I referred a friend of mine to you guys,  - he was stressing about an investment in Phoenix, and so I talked with him about the process I went through, and that you’ve been very helpful in guiding through everything.

Greg wrote:

Thank you so much for your prompt reply…You and Chip have done much in relieving my wife and I of the burden and stress the walk away process puts us under…
Have a great weekend!

Vera wrote:

Hi Elsie,
Thank you for the prompt response and the explanation. This definitely helps me to get an idea of what to look out and be prepared for. I believe all my questions have been answered if i have any questions I’ll email again. Thanks again!

Lisa wrote:

That was very helpful! The tip about how it will look different is a thing I will look for.
Thanks for your speedy reply in this stressful situation.

Kevin wrote:

Thank you for the quick response.   This whole process is crazy and full of unknowns, so it’s nice to have the information and updates right away.  Thank you again!!

Terry wrote:

Hello Elsie,
Thank you for checking. Please keep me posted on the updates. I appreciate your support and responds.
Best regards,

Micheline wrote:

Thanks so much, Elsie. I feel better!
Have a great day!

Inez wrote:

Thank you for your prompt reply and explanation.
Your service is remarkable and I will be more than happy to refer anyone in need of your service.

Don wrote:

We have been telling a lot of people about “You Walk Away” and have been grateful for your support. Small price for big help and peace of mind. We have not yet called upon the legal or financial services. I am currently recovering from Pneumonia and back on chemo so my plate is too full.

CW wrote:

Just wanted to say THANK YOU!! You were always there to answer our questions and helped to relieve some of the stress from our foreclosure then short sale. You guys are awesome and I have told a couple of people about what an awesome job you guys did for us. THANK YOU AGAIN, keep up the great work and for helping us and others like us you are a GOD SEND!!
Very Happy Satisfied Customers!!

C. W.


Jason wrote:

Beth, Thank you so much for all the info. I’m so very glad we have you guys to ask these questions! Your response answered all the questions I had in mind! I do appreciate your time.
Thanks again, Jason


Kim wrote:

I have been worried sick about my financial situation ever since I got turned down for a refinance.  I couldn’t make my mortgage payment and could not sell my house because I owed more than it was worth.  I was relieved when I found You Walk Away, LLC and hoped that it was for real. They not only helped me get back on top of my finances, but gave me hope for the future. Thanks to You Walk Away, I have a fresh start!
Modesto, CA

David wrote:

In this volatile real estate market, I found myself in the unfortunate position of facing foreclosure.  After much research online I still had a difficult time in understanding the process of foreclosure and what the legal ramifications were for me personally.  Needless to say, this caused me serious stress… we’re talking no sleep, shortness of breath, no focus whatsoever!

After an in-depth call with YouWalkAway, my stress level dropped 100 percent.  They explained everything about foreclosures and the law to me in detail, twice!  I wasn’t pressured into paying for their service nor did they make me feel bad about my financial situation.  YouWalkAway helped me understand step by step about my foreclosure so that I am now able to walk through it relatively stress free.
Los Angeles CA


Melissa wrote:

After I lost my job, I got behind on my mortgage. The lender was threatening to foreclose on my home and I felt horrible. I tried to do a shortsale but was unable to find a buyer and the lender was being difficult. I needed help and was afraid that I was out of options. After joining You Walk Away, I no longer felt alone in the process and they helped me tremendously. Thanks to their plan, I paid off all my credit cards and now I am out of debt. They helped make the best of my awful situation.
San Diego, CA

Jeff wrote:

I want to thank Brad Veach and all of the other folks at You Walk Away for being very helpful and professional throughout this difficult time for me and throughout the whole process.  If I know of someone who happens to need your services, I will definitely recommend your company to them with the highest regards.

Thank you.


Jeff J

Maria wrote:

Thanks again Jason.  You have no idea what a relief it is to know that there is someone who you can trust who can walk you through this depressing process.  It is hard to have a clear head when you are dealing with losing your home, trying to explain to your children, family and friends.  The mental stress is overwhelming.

Have a great day


Rick wrote:

I just want to thank you and your entire team for holding my hand and helping me navigate through the foreclosure process.  “You Walk Away” provides such a valuable service and I was so impressed by your ability to answer all my questions in a thoughtful and patient manner.  Every week, your team sent me updates to let me know how things were progressing.  It couldn’t have gone smoother or have been more professional.
My foreclosure became official in January but I didn’t want to write you until my taxes were submitted.  I did receive a small federal tax return and the entire experience turned out to be rather painless.
I will certainly recommend your company to other individuals who may be in a similar situation.  I have to admit, I was a little hesitant in the beginning, but you earned my trust and your organization came through with flying colors.
Thanks so much!

Bill & Karen wrote:

We had a great consultation with the Real Estate Attorney yesterday morning, and learned a key fact about deficiencies as well as a strategy for moving forward. 
Thanks again for setting this up!
Bill & Karen

Vanessa wrote:

Hi Renata,

I must say that a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders since we spoke… I haven’t felt this calm and clear minded in a very long time.  So, I owe you a BIG thank you for doing what you do and I am really looking forward to working with you!


Steve wrote:

Hi Matt,

I did receive your packet and have been reading it – it’s chock full of great information! You folks are on top of the foreclosure laws and it’s also great that it pertains just to California! I’m a happy camper right now; hopefully I won’t be camping later :) . I’m glad I hooked up with You Walk Away.



Steve wrote:

Thank you for your responseYou folks are doing and outstanding job, keep it up.



Matt wrote:


As always, thanks for your detailed reply; YWA has been an incredible help in this process.



Paula Wrote:


Regardless of what transpires, I can’t say enough how grateful I am for the
support and expertise I’ve received from YouWalkAway.  You all deserve the
very best for your efforts and your professionalism.



Bill wrote:


Hello Renata,

Thanks for making time to meet with me this morning regarding the services your firm provides real estate owners who are upside down on their mortgages.

Appreciate your input and practical advice…regarding our underwater condo in WA.

Thanks again for the information you provided as noted below.

If we decide to go the strategic default route we will definitely be using your services.

That’s all my questions for now.

Thanks again for all of your assistance!



LaDonna Wrote:


Good morning, Brad:

I’ll never forget how unconditionally helpful you’ve been, Brad.  You’ve kept me from going over the edge many times with thisI’m so relieved that I connected with You Walk Away

Dear Renata, Thank you so much for your comforting reply! I will go ahead and buy my ticket today. Sorry if I pressured you to reply asap..You know how one gets excited especially when there are time sensitive issues and with things like foreclosure when I don’t want to get into more trouble. You and the YWA services are giving me the peace of mind I so need these days. thank you once again.


Pavitra Wrote:


Hello Renata,

Thank you again. Information and advise you provided us is worth the membership fees.




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