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About Us


Located in Northern San Diego, California, YouWalkAway.com is a foreclosure agency run by a team of real estate and legal experts with over 50 years of combined experience. It is the objective of YouWalkAway.com to empower homeowners who purchased their homes at the peak of the real estate market to take control of their financial future.


We strive to help people understand their rights and know their options.  Co-Founders Jon Maddux and Chad Ruyle began with the goal of helping homeowners navigate through the foreclosure process and understand foreclosure consequences by providing tools, resources, affordable legal and tax help, support and peace of mind.  Since 2007, YouWalkAway.com’s foreclosure specialists have supported over 5,000 people prepare and strategically navigate through the foreclosure process.

YouWalkAway.com has positioned itself as leader in the industry. We develop a comprehensive and personalized plan for our members who seek assistance through a strategic default and want to understand and minimize foreclosure consequences, while offering unlimited support and individual attention. Helping homeowners on the frontlines of this market and economy, YouWalkAway.com is the nation’s foremost authority on foreclosure laws & consequences.

Featured in a wide range of reputable and powerful media pieces, YouWalkAway.com is acknowledged for being a trustworthy and valid foreclosure resource agency.  Our press coverage includes: features in Good Morning America, ABC Nightline, The Today Show on NBC, NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, NPR, Fortune Magazine, Time Magazine, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and many more.  Please visit our Press Room.



Jon D. Maddux

Jon D Maddux was the CEO of YouWalkAway.com from 11/2007 until 11/2012.  With over 11 years of real estate and finance experience, Maddux realized with the growing credit crisis, many homeowners with adjustable rate mortgages and high LTV loans were unaware of what they were about to face.  With that understanding and entrepreneurial drive, Maddux founded YouWalkAway.com by developing an affordable business model that allows homeowners to know their rights, understand foreclosure consequences, and use the law to their advantage.

Maddux has been quoted and interviewed in news publications such as: CNN Money, Yahoo Finance, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Bloomberg, Business Week, Forbes, Fortune, NPR, AP, and USA Today among many others. 

At blog.youwalkaway.com, Maddux writes about the foreclosure crisis from the front lines.  One can only imagine the special insight and firsthand knowledge that comes with helping thousands of members throughout this process.  

Maddux is a published songwriter with Warner Music.  

Contact info for Jon is @JonMaddux (Twitter)

Chad R. Ruyle 

YouWalkAway.com Principal and Co-Founder, Chad R. Ruyle has been interviewed by journalists for CBS 60 Minutes, ABC Nightline, The Today Show on NBC, Dylan Ratigan and NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams to name a few.  Ruyle is also a partner at the Law Firm of Ruyle& Ruyle in San Diego and has incorporated his extensive legal background into YouWalkAway.com.  He sees mortgage defaulting as a business transaction not an emotional decision.  Mortgage contracts are written with addressing potential foreclosures – clearly stating if the borrower ceases to make payments, the bank will take the house back.

Ruyle focuses his practice on all areas of trusts and estates, business planning, and real estate transactions. 

YouWalkAway.com is committed to helping homeowners through foreclosure as well as after foreclosure or a short sale.

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